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This is my new life blog

Hello world. I have decided that it is time to stop saving and waiting for the proverbial rainy day and start living as if there is no tomorrow. I have spent so much time dreaming of someday enjoying my life on my own terms, letting what I thought I “should” do stop me from actually doing it. I realize that no one is stopping me from being happy but me. I do feel somewhat guilty… things I thought I would enjoy now seem just plain tiring. I thought that being alone most of the time on our small farm was what I wanted, but find, after a summer back at my home town, with family and longtime friends to socialize with, that I don’t want to be doing endless projects that just lead to other projects. So, thanks to a great niece and her hubs, I will be building a small cottage at the base of a mountain in the middle of the Olympic Peninsula. I will have a small yard and a community potager. Lots of time to walk, read, take photos, have coffee family and just plain putter. Join me as I start this journey.